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Computer Programming

Our Technology

At Dualtap Property Management, we pride ourselves on our Japanese heritage. Our management system is the very same as the tried and tested system used at our mother company in Japan. Stressing "Omotenashi", we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.


We also believe in "kaizen", continuously improving upon the property we manage instead of just maintaining it as is, to further enhance the value of the said property. At the same time, we aim to keep costs down by implementing automation where possible and standardization to maximize efficiency.

Smart Community System

A smart residential community or smart neighbourhood is a fundamental component of a Smart City. It is a comprehensive ecosystem that can manage, automate and connect people who stay, activities that happen and equipment installed in a residential community.

The essential components like property accounting, payment, visitor management, guard patrol, access control, CCTV, intercom, facility booking, management and more, all unrelated and work in silos.

Property Management System Module

Smart Community.png

Smart Community


E-Billing &

Payment Gateway 


Visitor Management




Internet of Things (IoT)




E-General Meeting

& Voting

Drone Over the Mountains

UAV Inspection

Roofing and building enclosure professionals are presented with a challenge in getting to a particular wall or roof for up-close observations such as a church steeple, a steep slope roof near the top of a multi-story wall. 

Drone inspections are a more effective solution than manual inspection in time and cost factor. With the advancement of technology of thermal Imagery can help detect hot spots early on to give advanced notice of a problem area before it becomes a much bigger issue.


from our previous project

On April 20, 2021. An aerial inspection was conducted over one of the sites we manage. 

The inspection is to identify areas that have been damaged by exposure to weather and wear and tear. In addition to identifying the next cause of action for us to perform in maintaining and preserving the building to ensure it could stand for a few decades, the result also greatly assisted. 

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